"Your superpower is the calming presence you bring to every conversation we have."
Said by a friend after she finished venting.

Different versions of this statement have been (and are) echoed by nearly every new person I meet and have a real, genuine conversation with.


It’s a trait that I’m extremely proud of. I worked very hard to get to this way of being!


People who used to know me would probably read that and be confused – maybe even laugh! I wouldn’t blame them either. 


The version of me who existed just 7 years ago was not so grounded and calm. 


“13 years ago Ann” was an entirely different person!


We won’t even talk about “15 years ago me”. Yikes… 

But the beauty of this life is that each new day brings a chance to reinvent ourselves into who we want to be.

a woman with butterflies flying out of her head symbolizing reinventing youself, and an arrow pointint downward indicating to keep reading.

My name is Ann. You have no idea how happy I am that you're here!

I’m also very happy that I’m here too in this beautiful life that I live. Life is good, but I’m sure you can guess it didn’t always feel that way. 


Let me tell you about “13 years ago Ann”. She was a single mom who chased the feeling of being loved, and nothing else mattered much to her. She felt stuck, scared, alone, and (cringe) desperate. 


Her anthem song was “Something More” by Sugarland: 


“There’s gotta be something more, gotta be more than this. I need a little more down time, I need a little more bliss. I’m gonna take my chances – taking the chance I might – Find what I’m looking for – there’s gotta be something more.”


But she didn’t know what she was even searching for – she never decided what she wanted to be when she grew up… As a young mom, she just started working where she could. There was never time to figure out what she enjoyed, or what she was good at. 


She never developed time management skills, and taking care of herself was a nice thought that was often shelved in her efforts to please everyone around her. Namely, whichever man she had in her life. 


That Ann shifted and changed who she was depending on who she was with like a shape-shifting chameleon, because that was so much easier than facing the fact that she didn’t know who she even was without a relationship. When those relationships inevitably ended (or never even got started), she was devastated.


She was late for everything, unfocused, scattered, gossipy, angry, hurt, terrified, and all of it rolled up quite nicely into a constant ball of anxiety that lived right in her gut. 






During Yoga classes. 


Yoga took all the fear and the racing mind away for the hour during each class, and several hours afterward – this fascinated her


She began to search for the reasons why, and this led her down a rabbit hole of reading anything she could get her eyes on about Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, and the self-help genre in general. 


Enrolling in Yoga teacher training happened in tandem with deciding that it was time to put some of the self-help ideas into practice.  


When in training for yoga, it was within the philosophy segments where her life began to change – because she began to change. 


All the self-help and personal development books she had read began to make more sense. 


One BIG lesson she learned in all her studying was a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “BE the change you wish to see in the world”


Since her highest desire was to be loved wholly and unconditionally, she decided that it was important to love herself first (that’s what all the experts said!). 


But how can you love yourself if you don’t even know yourself? That was lesson two for her – because she kept “falling in love” with men before she really knew them up until that point. 


So she asked herself how it was possible to love someone else whom she didn’t truly know so much that she put them above herself. Why couldn’t she love herself like that? 


So she made her mission at that time to BE LOVE


Learning who she was involved learning who she WASN’T. That resulted in: 

  • Deciding that she would radiate compassion and empathy no matter what. 
  • Making a clear decision to set aside the search for love outside of herself. 
  • Leaving the Christian/Catholic faith to pursue what felt right for her. 
  • Spending more time with girlfriends. 
  • Actively searching out new friends that resonated with her interests. 
  • Making a long list of non-negotiable desires in a life partner.
  • Remaining calm through her worst financial fears – and trusting that everything would work out. 

“Everything always works out for me” became her new anthem. No, it’s not a song. It’s a mantra. She believed it, and it was always true. 

Fast forwarding a few years, I was sitting on the floor of my apartment flipping through an old journal I had kept. Folded up inside the pocket was that piece of paper I had those non-negotiables written on – and I remembered the day I wrote it all down. 


The idea had been to write it all out and release it to the Universe. Sort of like a vision board that you tuck away and forget about. I didn’t even remember exactly what was on it, and there I was in a different state living with the most perfect man for me


Out of sheer curiosity, I carefully unfolded it and started to read. Some of the desires were superficial, but nearly everything on the list was a quality I wanted based on self-love.


As I read, there was only ONE thing out of the MANY desires that he didn’t have – something so superficial and non-relevant I had to laugh. It’s hair. He doesn’t have a full head of hair – Hey! We aren’t exactly young anymore, and it truly doesn’t matter. Besides, he rocks the bald look!


But back to my story: 

My point is this… I don’t believe that we would be together if I didn’t go on that journey alone to know who Ann is deep down at a soul-level. 


Since then, I’ve gotten certified in Life Coaching in addition to the Yoga Certification. I’m amazed at the similarity between coaching tools and ancient Yoga teachings!


Mindfulness and all 8 Limbs of Yoga are at the heart of how I work with people – because they’re now a part of who I am. 

“Radiating empathy and understanding” turned into a desire to help others to know themselves as deep as I know myself. What radiates off of me now is inner-peace. People feel that. 


I remain peaceful even though:

  • I’m on a healing journey with Celiac disease.
  • I’ve had to reconstruct my entire belief system around eating due to multiple food-intolerances – I am now an Ex-Vegan
  • I’m building a business off of a passion project. There are no guarantees – I simply show up, pour my heart into this work, and trust that somethig wonderful will come from it. 
  • I never know when a migraine will strike, so I have to plan accordingly with a lot of flexibility built in. 

The bottom line is that life is always changing and throwing challenges at us.


What’s important is having the resilience built into your being so you can face it all. 


Inner-peace does that.

Knowing who you are in your soul is where it starts.


And if you don’t love yourself and set some standards for yourself, life will continue to feel like it’s out of your control. 


As a coach, I am dedicated to learning and understanding your challenges – knowing that we all face different circumstances.


We’ll celebrate your victories, and I’ll gently nudge you toward growth – that means I refuse to let you succumb to self-sabotage or stay stuck in mindsets that aren’t serving you. 


If you’re ready to navigate stress with grace, build resilience, and create a life filled with genuine inner peace and joy… I invite you to schedule a non-salesy consultation call with me. 


I don’t believe in pressuring anyone. I am transparent with my pricing, so you know before you ever have to talk to me what it will cost.

If price is a concern please don’t let it deter you from learning how I can help you. 


I am striving to create multiple packages and offerings to serve different needs – because I believe that each person on this Earth who radiates inner-peace will create ripples around them.


Can you even imagine how much that can change the world? 


"I've come a long way from when I first started working with Ann. I delved into deep rooted issues, and began to address them in healthier ways. I am continuing to work with myself. I found time for stillness."
Rozzi M.
"I've gained confidence, and taken steps to move toward my dreams! After working with Ann I feel like nothing can get me down or hold me back."
Traci R.
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