Rapid Release from the Grip of Stress

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Get immediate relief from stress caused by:

  • Anger in the heat of the moment
  • The people around you and life in general
  • A tough time you just happen to be going through right now

It’s completely understandable that anger can sometimes flare up in the heat of the moment – it happens to the best of us! When emotions are stirred, judgment can be clouded, and it’s really easy to overreact and regret it later.


Dealing with people around you can be overwhelming, as can life. Everyone has their struggles and challenges. Especially these days… Going through a tough time right now is all too common, and undoubtedly difficult. You are NOT alone by any means!


It’s okay to feel the weight of these situations, but the stress of it doesn’t have to control how you react. 

The Serenity SOS Toolkit will help you out of the stress response.

It's my free gift to you!

This is not just another lame freebie. It’s a robust toolkit delivered in a mini-course format that contains: 


  • Conscious Breathing Meditation


  • Guided Relaxation Meditation


  • Mindful Distraction Exercise and Guided Meditation


  • Silver Lining Journaling Exercise


  • Self-Care Checklist


  • A Planned Routine to Bring it All Together 


Each of these are short – less than 6 minutes! That way you can use them in a pinch without the added stress of not enough time to fit it in. 


The planned routine is meant to be used daily to help you prevent the overwhelming stressful feelings to begin with.

Imagine feeling so proud of yourself keeping your cool when you'd normally react horribly.

No more sitting and ruminating over how embarrassed you feel about something you didn’t mean to say or do. 


It’s possible to go through tough times and feel neutral about it – because when you learn to connect with your body and your breath, you become more rational.  


It’s easier to step back from the situation and look at it differently. You might even start to see the Silver Lining without even having to stop and remember to! 

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Hey! I'm Ann

Who am I , and why am I giving you all of this for free?

I’d be asking that too… 


I’m a registered yoga teacher and life coach, and I was once trapped by the tight grip of stress too. In fact, at one point I was a single mom, lost my job, and lost the roof over our heads – all because of how I reacted under stress.


I pulled myself and my life together, and found my way to inner peace and a whole new life thanks to mindfulness.


That’s why I’m so passionate about getting these tools into the hands of every woman who needs them.


I believe the more women who are living authentic lives filled with inner peace there are, the bigger chance we have at experiencing a peaceful world.


Inner Peace creates ripples ~ This is a movement I am striving for. 

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