How to Change Your Life with Present Moment Awareness

Let’s dive into the spiritual and mindset side of yoga—Yoga beyond the mat. When lived, Yoga can be a subtle game-changer in our day-to-day lives through present moment awareness. Let me give you a glimpse into what living a yogic lifestyle means for me – and what it can mean for you too. 

Living a Yogic Lifestyle: Beyond the Mat

Yoga isn’t just about mastering poses on a mat; it’s a beautiful system of philosophy that can weave into every part of our daily lives. Beyond the physical postures, yoga teaches you to bring mindfulness and intention into each moment. It’s in the gentle reminder to breathe deeply during a hectic workday, the pause before reacting to a challenging situation, and the conscious choice to remain self-aware.

You don’t notice how much impact Yoga has on your life in one fell swoop. It’s more subtle in the way we connect with ourselves, others, and the world around us. Mindful living brings presence to each action, thought, and interaction. Whether it’s savoring a cup of tea, navigating through traffic, or having deep and meaningful conversations, the teachings of yoga make it possible to find grace and purpose in mundane moments that seem so ordinary.

Mindful Living Through Present Moment Awareness

The first time I truly noticed the impact Yoga was having on me, I was in Chicago driving on the highway. I suddenly found myself having to stop completely on a Saturday morning where two 3-lane highways merge into one big 6-lane highway. 

Driving on a highway of any size was something I once feared. It was a fear I was forced to overcome if I wanted to go to the Yoga teacher training facility I chose. It was 9 months long, and every Saturday. The highway was the only way. 

The tension I felt while driving in fear was palpable for several months! On this particular day though, not only did I have to stop quickly, it also meant I would be late for my class. I stopped and took a breath to calm my nervous system. Then I looked around and noticed the way the sunlight was hitting a tree. It was not lost on me that if I weren’t forced to stop, I would have missed seeing it. The beautiful morning light was hitting the leaves on that tree in such a way that it looked like it was sparkling thanks to the breeze.

I opened my windows and let the fresh, warm, summer air touch my face. I breathed deep again, and felt so much gratitude… for that traffic jam. What? That was never something I thought I would say, especially if it meant I would be late. But I instantly felt the need to madly weave in and out of traffic disappear. I began to leave space in front of me. In that relaxed state, I recognized that I was hyper aware in the present moment – A state that I had been striving for, but was elusive to me up until that moment. 

traffic jam with a woman as a happy driver

All it took was feeling it one time. That one moment made that hyper awareness and gratitude available to me from then on. 

Can you see how the ordinary and even unwanted circumstances can be turned into a moment of deep gratitude and happiness? From the simple smell of your morning coffee brewing and the warm touch of sunlight during a quick walk, to the more obvious comfort of fresh sheets after a warm bath. These moments, often brushed aside in the rush of daily life, hold the potential for immense joy and connection. All it takes is slowing down and remembering to notice. 

Easy Tips for Living in the Now

To build up toward mindful awareness, start your day with a few intentional breaths – feel the air entering your lungs, the warmth (or coolness) it brings, and the soothing release as you exhale. Let each action in your routine be a chance for mindfulness. Whether it’s that first sip of coffee or the tapping of your keyboard, make them moments of full presence.

Another powerful practice is the ‘Five Senses Check-In.’ Pause mindfully for a minute, and consciously notice five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. This quick exercise tunes you into the richness of your surroundings, grounding you in the present moment.

I have created a toolkit with several meditations and exercises that you can use for free. It will help you calm down when you’re feeling really stressed for sure! It can also be used to aid in reaching this mindful state of present moment awareness too.

a woman walking her dog enjoying the scenery and the present moment that says Learn Present Moment Awareness with the Serenity SOS Toolkit. Click Here.

The Ripple Effect of Tiny Shifts

By consistently weaving present-moment awareness into your days, you’ll create a ripple that extends far beyond the immediate. It will change how you face challenges, how you connect with others, and, most importantly, how you relate to yourself. 

As you begin to see the beauty in these small moments, your overall outlook will start to shift. Finding ordinary things to be grateful for can be a daily mindfulness game you play. This ripple effect touches your relationships, work, and personal well-being. Your newfound awareness will rub off on others in ways they may not notice or understand, but they will want to be around you because they’ll feel it.

Yoga, off the mat, serves as a tool to create a large shift. It’s about mindful breathing in a hectic workday, a brief pause before reacting, and a deliberate effort to stay self-aware. It teaches us to appreciate the simplicity of each moment.

So, I encourage you to notice the  changes in your own life. Pay attention to the small shifts – the easing of tension, moments of connection, and joy in the ordinary. Let Yoga be your guide to living fully. As you practice being present, you’ll find that fear fades away, replaced by a mindset of gratitude. 

Don’t forget to sign up for the free toolkit here!

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