Overcome Feeling Held Back: Break Free with Tapas

What sets apart those who effortlessly reach their goals from those who feel held back? Tapas, the term from Yoga Philosophy that translates to discipline, is what sets them apart.  We all have desires, dreams, and aspirations. However, achieving them requires more than just wishful thinking – it demands discipline, commitment, and a willingness to overcome obstacles. Let’s delve into how Tapas can be the catalyst that helps you overcome that feeling of being held back. 

Understanding Tapas: The Fire Within 

Imagine a flame within you – the burning desire and discipline needed to break free from anything that holds you back. This ancient idea suggests that when you tap into Tapas, you’re igniting a spark that can propel you forward.

Tapas is all about that inner fire, that drive to pursue your goals and dreams. It’s the commitment to take proactive steps and make the effort to achieve what you truly desire. Think of it as the engine of discipline that fuels you toward a better life. When you feel held back, Tapas is the force that pushes you forward, helping you overcome obstacles and self-imposed limitations. It’s like turning up the heat within, creating the energy needed to break free from anything that hinders your path to fulfillment.

Why You’re Feeling Held Back 

Feeling held back from what you desire happens to the best of us. You have amazing dreams and goals, but each time you try to move closer to them, something seems to put the brakes on. That something might just be those sneaky self-imposed limitations and the voice of hesitation in your head.

A woman looking at the road to success, but it's blocked by a barrier.

You have incredible potential within you, even if you feel stuck. Sometimes, invisible barriers are what’s holding you back. It’s like having the key to unlock your dreams but feeling unsure if you should use it. Those moments of hesitation and self-doubt are like tiny anchors preventing your ship from sailing into the vast sea of possibilities.

Feeling held back is totally normal, but it’s important to realize that these limits are often more in our minds than in reality. That’s where it becomes crucial to understand, challenge, and overcome those barriers. 

Overcoming Obstacles: A Tapas Mindset

When you find yourself up against obstacles, know that you have the power to conquer these challenges and transform them into stepping stones. Confronting obstacles demands resilience – a sturdy stance against adversity. Consider each challenge as an opportunity for growth. The Tapas mindset encourages you to face these challenges, take the valuable lessons, and leverage them as milestones on your journey to success.

So, let’s reframe how we perceive obstacles. They aren’t insurmountable roadblocks; rather, they serve as markers guiding you toward your goals and dreams. 

And when you feel stuck and can’t quite figure out the obstacle, allow Tapas to fuel you to explore what could be holding you back. Take small steps, setting achievable goals, and as you move forward, the obstacles will become clearer. It’s like using a compass to navigate through uncertainty. The Tapas mindset empowers you to break down barriers, providing clarity and direction. 

Proactive Steps: Setting and Pursuing Goals 

Most things we want to achieve in life involve taking proactive steps. Sometimes when we’re feeling held back, we just aren’t being patient enough and letting the work we’re doing percolate. Setting and pursuing goals is a key part of proactive steps. Imagine your goals as stepping stones toward your aspirations. When you set SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. These goals are like a roadmap guiding you toward what you desire. 

Breaking down large goals into smaller, manageable steps makes the goal more attainable. It’s like assembling pieces of a puzzle – each small step contributes to the bigger picture. With a clear roadmap and achievable steps, you gain momentum and confidence in your ability to make progress. Having just one step to focus on at a time is Tapas in action. When you stay focused only on the task at hand, it becomes easier to complete it. Once you complete one thing, you can move on to the next, and you begin to feel the momentum of achievement. 

Aligning Actions with Values: Making Efforts Count 

Aligning your daily actions with your core values is the key to living a life that feels truly authentic and fulfilling. It’s like creating a beautiful harmony between your intentions and what matters most to you. 

Imagine each action you take resonating with your fundamental values, creating a feeling of purpose in your daily life. Then when you layer the Tapas mindset on top of that, it’s like infusing determination and focus into every action. 

If you don’t know what your core values are, grab a notebook and a pen – think about all the areas of your life, and do a quick brain dump about what’s most important to you in each area. Is quality time with your family important? Then reading emails on your phone while you’re having a conversation and multitasking isn’t the way to go. Getting to the root of your values is the first thing we do in my coaching packages and programs – it’s that important. 

Tapping into Motivation

One way you can tap into your motivation is to visualize your success. Take a moment to vividly imagine yourself achieving your goals. Picture the positive impact it will have on your life, the emotions you’ll experience, and the sense of accomplishment. 

Visualization can create a powerful mental image that fuels your motivation and determination. When you carve out time to close your eyes and feel the end result with all your senses, it helps build the inner drive needed to overcome obstacles. This technique taps into the power of your mind, aligning your thoughts with your goals and dreams, and reinforces your commitment to taking disciplined action.

If you let it, Tapas can be the flame that propels you forward to reach your goals and dreams. By tapping into discipline and taking proactive steps, you can break free from limitations and ignite a fire within. Coaching can provide the guidance and support needed to cultivate a Tapas mindset. 

When you enter into one of my coaching packages or programs, we focus on more strategies than the few mentioned here to boost your motivation. Together we will tailor a plan that’s aligned with what truly matters to you. It’s time to unlock the doors to your deepest desires. Get ready for the impact of motivation aligned with purpose – Let Tapas be the force – the sustained drive – that helps you see challenges as stepping stones, and propels you toward the life you genuinely desire.

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